Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hi, I'm Kimora Lee Simmons

Well...maybe not. I'm not Asian. I'm only 5'2'', and my fashion sense is...well, let's not go there. But that's beside the point.

My company is still an infant. A healthy infant, but a baby just the same. This is all fairly new to me. I mean, being the one to call the shots, and then having to make things happen. So, I've been into bios and success stories and stuff lately.

When I ran into a bit of a problem booking a place for a workshop that I'm hosting, I immediately thought of Kimora Lee Simmons' reality show and the cliffhanger scenes before the commercial break.

Her assistant looks around, worried. Kimora is on a rampage. The venues that they wanted are all sold out. They have just four days to find a place for their event and pull it all together. The end of the episode, of course, shows everything working out precisely in the nick of time.

Now, the show might've been tweaked for drama and effect. But the reality is that things do get pretty ugly behind the scenes. As spectators and consumers, we don't know everything that goes into a production.

Do our guests know, as they 'oooh', and 'aaah' over our sparkling home, that the vacuum went off just as they were pulling up? Does our audience know that the ideas for that great speech didn't really start flowing until the night before? Of course not. That doesn't matter.

What matters is that we reach our destination, not that we run into bumps and sometimes potholes and ditches along the way.

So, keep it moving. If you're feeling nervous, self-conscious, or otherwise 'green', get inspired. Learn from the entrepreneurs, writers, inventors, and visionaries who came before us.

Adopt a persona, if you must, until those qualities that you desire become a part of you.

I was fierce. Adrienne Fierce. I was confident. I didn't dwell on the 'no's, but quickly moved on to the next prospect. I found a place before the day was over.

That went well. Maybe I'll be her tomorrow. Hey, whatever works.

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  1. I haven't developed a another name for myself, but i do use a word that keeps me going. My word is "Unstoppable". This is the year where I am UNSTOPPABLE in all that I do. No excuses, no drama, no set-backs, no wiles of the devil will hold me down. I am UNSTOPPABLE...I guess you could say that that's my name.